GFS Series
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GFS series power station is powered by world famous water cooled diesel engine such as Cummins, Perkins, Deuz, Kobuta, Isuzu, Yanmar, Kohler, MTU, Lovol, Yuchai, Weichai, Shangchai, Yangdong, etc. It features in good-looking exterior, high quality, reliable performance, reasonable structure and high performance-price ratio.

The soundproof structure is scientifically designed as advanced technology on acoustics and airflow theory in strict accordance with the requirements of noise reduction.

The automatic starting control panel includes manual control panel, time relay, indicator testing button, over speed inductive switch, alarm buzzer of low voltage of battery and starting malfunction alarm, etc. The controller could be Deepsea, ComAp, Datakom, Monicor, Smartgen, Harsen, etc.

The generator set with automatic charging-over panel will start automatically when the electricity supply stops and will halt automatically when the electricity supply returns. The ATS could be Smartgen, ABB, Socomic, etc. ATS cabinet is optional.

Paralleling system will be required while a number of diesel generator sets running in network together. It features in steady power and voltage, huge volume load impact burdening and reliable electricity supply.