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Generator: frame, fuel tank & cap & tube & switch & filter, handles, muffler, wheels, battery, ATS, etc.

Control panel: start key, switch, plugs & sockets, binding post, breaker, heat protector, ammeter, voltmeters, hour meter, cymometer, low oil pilot, etc.

High pressure washer: washer pump, regulating & safety valve, pressure gauge, high pressure hose, nozzles, spray gun & lance, bolt, frame, wheels, etc.

Water pump: water pump, impeller, sealing elements, inlet & outlet connector, pipe, filter, frame, etc.

Air compressor: air compression pump, regulating & safety valve, pressure gauge, air tank, inlet & outlet connector, pulley, belt, hose, wheels, handles, etc.

Alternator: back cover, ends, stator & rotor, capacitor, AVR, carbon brush, slip ring, shaft, bearing, fan, diode, etc.

Welding machine: rectifier, welding quick connector & plug, grounding & welding cable, grounding & welding clamp, gloves, mask, electrode, etc.

Engine: start motor, recoil starter, fuel tank & cap & tube & switch & filter, muffler, air filter, carburetor, bearing, sealing elements, flywheel, fan, spark plug, injection pump, fuel nozzle, cylinder, intake & exhaust valve, piston, crankshaft, oil alert, etc.

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